About Sun City Center, Florida

Discovering Sun City Center was by the far the luckiest day of my life.


Florida Retirement CommunitiesThe amenities within  Sun CityCenter are so diverse that its hard to imagine that life could be any grander.  The gated front entrance at Kings Point provides security and prohibits solicitors.  With your senior housing purchase within Kings Point along with monthly payments of HOA dues you will be able to follow your dreams and play to your hearts content in any of the indoor/outdoor pools, fitness areas, and spas.  The club houses at all the communities through Sun CityCenter have a diverse offering of activities and clubs.  And if you’re inclined to learn a new craft or skill most all the 55 plus communities offer clubs ranging from Archery, Woodwork, Lapidary, and arts such as water color, oil painting, quilting.  Other leisure activities such as dance, Bingo, Pickleball, lawn bowling, Golf, and water aerobic classes are also available.

Life in Sun CityCenter is enhanced by an infrastructure that supports Florida Senior Livingsenior living.  Whether its a quick trip to the local super market or a visit to your doctor in your golf cart, convenience is the “way of life.”  Trams and Buses run scheduled routes throughout Sun CityCenter so that active seniors can hop aboard and leave the driving up to others all for free. 

According to the 2010 census Sun CityCenter has a population of 20,000 with 10,500 housing units and an average population age of 83% that are 65 or older.  The median income is $38,101.  Within Sun CityCenter you’ll find several big box retailers, quaint mom and pop restaurants, SouthBayHospital, pharmacies, golf cart vendors and repair, liquor, clothing, hardware, pet stores, phone stores and much more.

The best part is that the people of Sun CityCenter are your friends.  On a recent ride to the airport, the driver was telling me that he had lived in Kings Point for 15 years and Sun City Center Floridahappened to be one of the youngest guys in the neighborhood.  He talked on and on about his friends and neighbors and all about the virtues of living in Sun CityCenter.  Then he just happened to mention that his neighbors depended on him to help them in crisis situations such as a loved one fallen in the night….I realized right then and there that Sun CityCenter was for me.  No matter where you go in Sun City a friendly wave is the norm and life here is all about smiles and connections.  I can’t imagine anyone living here that doesn’t count their lucky stars everyday.

If you’re looking for the best retirement communities for 55 plus then Sun City Center, Florida, is the place for you.  If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Me with any questions.  I’d love to help you fall in love with my favorite senior living communities in Florida.