Sun City Cafe

Why would you want to cook, when you can get great home cooked breakfasts  that might rival your own?  The Sun City Cafe serves some of the best breakfast meals made to order and delivered promptly before you reach the bottom of that first cup of coffee.  Referred to me by my brother in law who after his first visit to the Sun City Cafe made himself a regular.  Sun City Cafe SpecialsThe cafe is located in the Sun City Plaza strip and is owned by a couple that take traditional- style breakfast and make “it an  morning delight.”   Its not unusual, most mornings to find the restaurant full of snow birders and year “rounders.”   The wait staff is always friendly and eager to pour that first morning cup.

The menu is diverse with a wide range of traditional breakfasts’ ranging from my moms favorite blueberry belgium waffles with blueberry topping, 2 eggs and sausage patties.  And my favorite breakfast meal is New Orleans  stySun City Cafe, Floridale Eggs Benedict.  The Sun City Cafe does a fine job with their  version of  Eggs benedict. Two pouched eggs served on top of canadain bacon over an  english muffin smothered with some creamy hollandaise and a side of hasbbrowns…..You’ll find skillet breakfasts of every description.  There are hot biscuits and gravy,  omelets of every discription, pancakes, waffles, grits, sausage and gravy, steak, country fries, and a fine cup of coffee, too.    You’ll likely  be full when you leave.  The portions are ample, the service is super, and the coffee flows freely.  Its no wonder Sun City Centers’ local retirees find this the morning place to be. The cafe specializes in  breakfast and closes daily after Lunch!


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