What Is Senior Living

What is Senior Living?


In a recent chat with a fellow about my age, I was challenged to think about changes in my life and transitions that lay ahead.  No doubt, all of us, will at some point face those inevitable questions of where, when and how to make those changes into senior living. 

55 plus livingFor the most part, I want to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle by being active.   I seem to enjoy the challenge of a days hike with folks who encourage me to walk a bit more brisk than normal   I’m beginning to recognize that more and more folks my age are just out of shape and more than anything seem to fear the prospect of making the necessary adjustments to take their health and life into their own hands.  Doctors can and do give us medicines to correct our ailments, but, so many of us could beat the doctors treatments if we’d just stay active and eat a little better. 

senior livingSo what is senior living?  First off, senior living encompasses different levels of senior care and cost.  As the increasing level of supervision ascends so does the cost.  To put another way, the higher the level of independence the cheaper the cost.  At this level, such phrases as Adult Day Care, Independent Living, Assisted Living, In Home Senior Care and Personal Care at Home become familiar buzz words.  Independent Living is total freedom with access to other seniors, Adult Day Care is low cost socialization and entertainment, while In Home and Personal care provide varying degrees of personal help at home from dishes and floors to bathing and more.

retirement community livingThe ultimate Senior Living experience is referred to as Continuum Care Retirement Communities (CCRC).  Seniors buy-in for care for the rest of their lives, includes all levels of care from independent living to skilled nursing care in one location. 

Senior living is an opportunity to live just as independently as your means and abilities will allow and with today’s Boomers hitting retirement, we’ll be looking for more options soon.  Transitions and changes are challenging but moving to Sun CityCenter was definitely the best decision of my life.