Senior Employment Opportunities

Over 55 and still needing to work!

If you’re over 55 and facing the inevitable truth that retirement is fast approaching and you just don’t  know how you’re going to make it… then, join the club!  Many

Senior Employment Opportunitiesof us spent our lives, saving for the day we could retire and have seen our investments and savings vaporize.  The bitter truth is that most of us are left with a small portion of what we had hoped would be ours in our golden years.  The thought of a retirement community may seem silly since many retirees are faced with taking on second jobs, learning new trades and skills, seeking higher education or other career opportunities.

As the 55+ generation begins the search for new housing in 55+ communities, employment opportunities are a major consideration.  Today’s retirees are vibrant, healthy and energetic and willing to share their enthusiasm and knowledge.  Employers surrounding retirement communities thrive from a pool of potential employees with a strong work ethic and desire to contribute.  So, if you’re looking at the possibility of moving near a 55+ retirement community such as Sun City Center, you’ll find employers and schools nearby that favor a weathered and friendly smile.