Retirement for “The Silent Generation”

Today’s retiree’s born between 1925-1945 are referred to as the Silent Generation.  As it turns out, they acquired their label by being the only generation that did not turn out a president.  More than likely this group was the first to attend college.  This generation has proven to be more successful than their parents and for the most part more financially successful than their children.

For these service oriented Seniors, downsizing is all about losing space and gaining luxury in a condominium or in a resort-style community that’s close to the beach or mountains.  But, for the most part these seniors prefer housing where a diverse spectrum of entertainment abounds.  Whether, its a game of lawn bowling, an afternoon bingo game, morning golf, or lazy days by the pool these Seniors are looking to meet folks and play.  The Club houses at King’s Point and Sun City Center Community center offer clubs that appeal to those seeking friends to play bridge, bingo, cards, or learn a new craft such as quilting, woodworking, computers, art or participate in a dance class or water aerobics.  Swimming, fitness, spas, sunbathing, and pickleball are other favorite activities.

The Silent Generation is all about getting around  and enjoying their success.  But, at the same time, these successful senior desire to be given 120% of your service and are always looking for benefits such as discount and deals.  These daring seniors enjoy excursions offered at a discount to nearby towns, restaurants, sporting events, art shows, and even cruises.  These travel opportunities are just a small benefit for living in Kings Point or Sun CityCenter.

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