Retirement Living Amenities

No More Mowing—HOA has is benefits


From the moment I began considering to move into a 55+ retirement community,  I had concerns about paying  Home Owner Association Fees.  And, it seems I’m not alone.  According to recent studies, you can talk to any number of people about the benefits of an HOA and get any number of responses.  Some find HOA fees too restrictive while others love living in a development that provides amenities and protects property values.

Retirement livingAs a REALTOR, licensed in Missouri, HOA fees are typically associated with condos.  I was unfamiliar with fees that covered more than minimal services which might include exterior ground maintenance, garbage, and maybe a pool.  In 55+ communities, you’ll find HOA fees that can cover the basics minimal services and so much more.  In larger communities, it’s typical to find HOA fees that cover a broad spectrum of services to make your life and care simple.  For instance, some fees cover your roof, exterior paint, driveway, garbage pick-up and lawn mowing, while others provide transportation, clubs and social activities, HVAC  service, appliance repair, and spas, hot tubs, swimming pools, and more.  From my perspective, these fees are justified.

They also provide continuity in the appearance of the community on a daily basis, and protect the community in the long term against deterioration and deferred maintenance protecting everyone’s property values and insuring residents a safe and fun place to kick up their heels and enjoy retirement.