Neri’s Barber Shop Sun City Center, Florida

My five week stay in Sun City Center, FL ended 3 days ago.  On my last day, I found myself going back to the barber shop I had discovered  four weeks earlier.  This is no extraordinary statement in of itself, except for the fact I’m not to fussy about my hair.  For me, my hair is not an obsession.  It barely covers my scalp on top.  Not to much to fuss about, there.  And all the rest, is different; straight and thin, or wavy and course….Neri's Barber Shop Sun City Center Florida

There’s something so familiar about Neri’s Barber Shop, in Sun City Center FL.  Located at the intersection of Pebble Beach and Sun City Center Blvd. I noticed the red and white stripped  barber pole first off.  As I made way inside, I was immediately put at ease with my new surroundings.   It was 1980’s deja vu…with its black and white “disco era” tiled floor, the black walls, mirrors, and 4 barber chairs.  I was immediately welcomed in and encouraged to sign my name and pick a barber 1, 2, 3, or 4 on the sign in sheet.  I choose #4.

The moment I settled into his chair, I  knew the chore of going to get a hair cut had been transformed into the pleasure of getting a hair cut.   He spoke with a thick old country accent.  My new barber was from Poland, I think.   He went about scissoring my hair and did it with somewhat of a flourish as he flicked the hair off the scissors. He was a craftsman.   His  pride with the comb and scissors were so evident.   When I thought, he was all done and was about to remove the white paper toweling around my neck.  He instead, adjusted the crisp paper towel even tighter.  As he dabbed and smoothed the hot shaving cream around my ears and neck, I lost all relevance of time and space.  I was transported into another time.  He proceeded to sharpen and hone the straight razor and finished off my hair by shaving my neck and cleaning up the line around my ears and neck.  At this point, I was hooked.  I’d never settle for anything less.  Little did I realize that I was about to completely surrender.  Next the hot towel was placed around my neck.  I melted!  Rarely do we get to experience such comfort from such typical occurrences…And the cost for out of this world treatment was $11



Neri’s Custom Made Barber Pole

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