Make New Friends

Old Fashioned Social Networking


According to recent polls, if you’re over 55, it’s likely that you’re being pulled into the social media frenzy.  Unlike, the younger demographics, social networking online for most retirees is not the primary way to connect with family and friends… Unlike our children, the 55+ group prefers learning new things and creating new friends.  As our age group continues to expand, the activities, social opportunities and adventures within 55+ retirement communities have become a vital part of the selection process.

Pick a senior community that favors your old fashioned sensitivities but offers new adventures.  It doesn’t take much effort to scout out communities that favor golfing, boating, swimming, tennis, etc.  Kings Point, in Sun City Center, has two enormous club houses with indoor and outdoor pools.  Each club house hosts a variety of clubs, social organizations, meet and greets, craft, art, and health activities.

My 84 year old mother recently attended a balance class at the north club house in Kings Point.  She was thrilled to discover that she could play Bingo the next hour in a nearby room.   You’ll find an air of excitement in each club house.  Without fail you’ll find a smiling face and a chance encounter to meet and greet new faces the old fashioned way…face to face.  And you just might learn a new craft or skill along the way.