Business Diversity in Sun City Center, Florida

Sun City Center Florida BusinessesOn a recent trip through Sun City Center, some friends who own properties south of Sun City Center commented on the diversity here. A drive along Sun City Center Blvd reveals a landscape of thriving business’. My friends have owned several homes in other markets in Fl. The appeal here is the convenience to everything as well as the number of businesses that are targeted to retirees. I was amazed what my parents had not discovered in the two years that they have lived here. They would exclaim time and time again, “Well, I didn’t know that was there!”

If you move to Kings Point, Sun City Center, seeking the utopian retirement and you don’t venture outside your own door and explore the area then you’re missing out.  I’ve discovered restaurants of virtually every cuisine. Hardware stores, golf cart stores, the emergency squad, a funeral home, churches, a synagogue, barber shops, liquor stores, doughnut shops, are dotted along the boulevard. You’ll discover community pools, golf courses, dog parks, tennis courts, and pickleball courts, too.


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