Baby Boomers are Ready To Retire!

The Me Generation!  Baby-boomers.  We want it our way and we want it now are the anthems of this generation.  Unlike generations before, the Baby Boomers are savvy and make retirement purchases based upon whether it fits into their overall financial plan.  For the most part, Baby Boomers are looking for ease of maintenance, easy access to shops, theaters, transportation and medical facilities.

The surprising element that this group searches out is their quest for further and or continuing education.  No longer left to the devices of just play, this group of activist continue to seek out new opportunities in education whether its just for fun or to start a new career.  This is the first group to introduce e-commerce and hi-tech gadgets and to introduce personal computers and the Internet.  These movers and shakers maintain their curiosity about cell phones, computers, and personal web sites and demand a high level of knowledge and skill to insure that they receive the most up to date information and the best advice.

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