What is a 55 plus Retirement Community

55 plus Retirement Community


Transitions are tough especially when it comes to retirement communities….There just comes a time when we have to make those hard decisions.  Decisions that affect not just us, but others, too.  For me, at 65 now, the decision to move to Sun CityCenter was primarily influenced by parents already living there and other family members buying nearby.  But, leaving this home and life I’ve built here are a difficult thought.  What about the dogs?  Can they live in age senior retirement communityrestricted housing?  What are the benefits?  What are the restrictions?  What does it mean to live in a 55+ retirement community?

Will I lose my freedom?  No!  While there are rules and restrictions within any 55+ planned community, for the most part we find them acceptable.  They play a major role in preserving the community and not regulate.  In other words, disputes are minimized by the minimalist rules so that every residents rights are protected. 

Typical rules vary but you might be expected to comply with neighborhood associations’ rules regarding yard maintenance and or your homes exterior.  The home owners’ fee might be responsible for your roof, drive, exterior, garbage, lawn, and even your heat and air conditioning.  All of these rules and regulations are put into place to keep your neighbors from doing something that might upset you.

senior livingFinally, don’t concern yourself if everyone in your household is not over 55.  For most retirement communities,(of course each community has different eligibility requirements), at least one person has to be 55.  Younger spouses and others may be allowed, as long as they are over the minimum age, usually 18.

Visiting children are welcomed. However, there are likely to be limits as to the length of extended visits.  All in all, 55+ communities promote a spirit of cooperation and a supportive lifestyle and not repress individual freedoms.  Before you buy, become familiar communities’ rules and restrictions and know that they appeal to you.